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Rudder Construction

Started July 15 2009 -  52 Hours Build Time

Today I started gathering all the  pieces for the Rudder  construction.  The first thing to do is cut apart  the rudder stiffeners  and brackets.  I did this with a band saw and then  ran across all the  edges with the scotch brite wheel.

Took all parts and deburred  the edges. After that was completed  took all parts and assembled per  directions with cleco's. Match drilled  all holes and then clecoed the  skins to the skeleton.

Finished match drilling the skins and  the disassembled the  entire rudder.  I have decided to add rudder trim,  am trying to find the  best way to do this with some ideas from other  builders.  You can check  the progress of that modification here - Rudder Trim.

I  then deburred all the holes and dimpled the skin along with all  corresponding parts.

Once everything was all deburred, I  applied Alumiprep 33 and rinsed with  water.  Then applied the Alodine  to all parts.

Now that all parts have Alodine, I mixed up the  Akzo primer  and applied to all parts.

Now that I am ready to  start assembling, need to figure exactly how to  do this rudder trim.   What I am going to try is to cut out a small  portion of he rudder and  add a servo just as is done for the elevator  trim.  This rudder trim  has been done by a couple of others.  You can  see all the rudder trim  mods here in the building  tips  section.

Started putting the rudder together with rivets.  I was hoping  to  do the rudder trim as I put it together, but since the trailing edge  has to be glued with Pro Seal, I decided to just finish it and then do  the rudder trim.  Hope I do not regret this decision.

Finished  riveting the spar to the skin stiffeners tonight and  am ready to start  putting in the rivets attaching the skin to the  stiffeners.  I am  stressing out about putting the rivets in the trailing  edge.  Since  there is the possibility of it hooking as you put them in,  I am sure it  will happen to me.  I have also decided to alternate from  side to side  as I install the rivets.

I worked on the trailing edge rivets  and did exactly as the  direction mentioned by starting to just barely  set the rivets, doing  every tenth rivet or so and then every fifth and  so on till they were  all in then did the same procedure when finishing  them.  This did turn  out OK with no hook noticed. The hammered end of  the rivet did fit  somewhat ok in the dimple, but did not care for it.  However, when  checking the rivets, they all seemed to be pretty loose,  in fact some  fell out as I gave them a little push with a punch.  Not  very happy  about this.  I am thinking the holes got a bit reemed  out  when I match  drilled perpendicular to the plane.  So what I decided to  do is remove  all the rivets and replace them with Oops 426 4-3.5.  This  would give  the same head as the 3-3.5 but with a bit bigger shank.   This procedure  worked out GREAT.  The rivets were very snug, the heads  looked perfect  and the hammered edge when finished set in the dimple  just perfect and  filled it up completely.  This turned out much better  than I had  expected.  The only issue I have with this is that when I  finished  setting the rivets, I ended up with some small dents in the  skin.  Not  bad and maybe be able to cover up, but they are still there.

Rolled the leading edge skins with a 1 1/4" PVC pipe and  riveted  together to get a pretty decent curve.  Put in the counterweight  and  finished riveting the skin to the ribs.  The Rudder is finished.   On to  the Rudder Trim.

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