Build Log RV-10 #1

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Gap Fairings

Started September 28, 2010 4 hours to complete

Now that the fuel tanks are done and mounted, it is time to get the aileron and flap gap fairings installed.

Pretty straight forward process and should go quickly.  Started the process by clecoing the fairings to the trailing edge of the wing and match drilling all holes to the upper wing skins and the trailing edge spar.

Next was to deburr all the holes in the fairings, skings and spar.  When dimpling, you only do the skin and the top edge of the fairings.  The holes that mount to the rear spar are done with 427 rivets and no need to dimple or countersink.  However, there is an exception, the first 6 holes from the wing root are countersunk for 426 rivets, but these are the only ones done when mounting to the spar.

Everything is deburred, dimpled, prepped and primed so it is ready for final installation. 

Again started with securing with clecos to skin and rear spar.  Started in the middle of each fairing starting with the skin.  The skin rivets are in and on to the spar rivets.

The gap fairings are completed.  Very easy and quick section.

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