Build Log RV-10 #1

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AOA Installation

Started June 12 Installation time 2 Hours

I am installing the Advanced Flight Systems Angle of Attach (AOA) system instead of the standard stall warning vane system.

First step is to fin the the best locations for the ports.  Luckily enough AFS has a chart that shows the location for the ports. 

Found the correct measurements from the AFS site and marked them on top and bottom of the leading edge skins.  Once done I drill the hole for the ports. Using the ports for a guide I marked and drilled the holes for the screws that hold them to the skins.  Once done deburred and dimpled for the screws.

Before installing I made sure that the barb fittins for the air water seperator were installed and torqued to specs.

When installing the ports it requires some sealant be used between the ports and the skins.   I used E-6000 and it seemed sufficient.  Then screwed them to the skins.  Make sure when installing the top port that the barbs are in the right direction and not pointing towards the J-stiffener as this does not allow enough room to get the tubing on the barbs.

Once installed I took a piece aluminim rod and fit into the top port.  This was long enough to reach when in the port to the bottom leading edge skin.  Marked this location and drilled a small hole.  This hole is used to drain water from the top port using the supplied drain extension rod.

Last step was to attach the tubing and then run it through the conduit to the inboard ends of the wings.


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