Building Tips

RV-10 Building tips

Here you will find some building tips from myself and other  builders.   If you have any ideas or tips that are not included, please  inform me of  them and I will get them added.




     Rudder Trim

Vertical Stabilizer

Before installing the skin to the vertical stabilizer, make sure  that the front of the nose rib flanges are rounded or you will find that  it when you apply the skin, an outward dent will appear.

Horizontal Stabilizer

"Well, it hit soon after finishing the rudder.  The drawing on page  8-5, Front Spar Assembly, is correct, but the mental gymnastics leave a  lot of room for error.  The spar caps(HS-1013) go trimmed side against  the spar web, but that is only semi-obvious from the drawing, because it  is drawn with those parts away from you, not facing you as they are  when you clamp them in. The text is also correct, but late in the day,  reading only twice, instead of six times, I screwed up."

Thanks to Kelly McMullen for this!